best wiley x sunglasses for fishing

TOP Wiley X Sunglasses for Fishing – Editor’s Choice

#1 Wiley X Airrage Polarized Sunglasses


They look great, fit great, and offer great protection. The frame is durable as well.

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#2 Wiley X P-17 Sunglases for Fishing


Great glasses that work! Love they come with two different types of retention bands! A little pricey but considering they are ballistic eyewear they are definitely worth the money.

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#3 Wiley X WX Gravity Sunglasses


I’ve worn these as RX safety glasses at work for a few years. The frames meet all the requirements demanded by my employer. They’re unique, comfortable, and for the most part durable. The only thing I have issue with is the nose pads. They wear out over time and fall apart or off. But let me stress I wore them on 8-12 hour days, 5-7 days a week, for a couple years straight.

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#4 Wiley X WX Valor best Fishing Sunglasses


I have had many brands of safety glasses for work in a manufacturing facility! These are the best I have ever had durability wise scratch resistant and uv protection! You can not go wrong with these Wiley X Valors! They do fog up a little when the humidity is high and or the temperature change from indoor to outdoor sometimes affects them. But you just wipe them off. I have never had a lens that does not fog over though, I do honestly not know if there is a true fog proof lens anywhere? I see why our military wears them they are an awesome glass!

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